Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All You Need Is Me

Tracklistings and formats for "All You Need Is Me," the second single to be pulled from Morrissey's latest Greatest Hits collection have been announced. I thought it should have been the first single, but again, they didn't ask me. On to the songs:

1 All You Need Is Me
2 Children In Pieces

7-inch #1
A All You Need Is Me
B Drive-in Saturday

7-inch #2
A All You Need Is Me
B My Dearest Love

I'm not happy about another double 7-inch single, but I'm thrilled to see two new b-sides and a Bowie cover instead of the live tracks we got on the last single.

"All You Need Is Me" live on Later...with Jools Holland. Fantastic:

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The Red Radio said...

Guess we both thought to post the same thing on the same day! I am quite excited about the vinyl actually - but I am a freak for it. Can't wait to hear the new tunes.