Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Audience No. 2

LA favorites Autolux have just announced their new single, "Audience No. 2". Apparently it will be sent to radio and will be available for download from iTunes next week with the new album, Transit Transit following "soon enough." You've got to love vague news like that!

I do appreciate this recent trend of singles and albums being released a week after they're announced without a lot of the promotional crap that usually comes along with a release. I'm definitely looking forward to this record as their debut Future Perfect was one of my favorites of 2004.

Autolux are playing at Coachella this year and if you're going, you'd do well to check them out. They can be pretty amazing live.

Autolux - Turnstile Blues:


madmojo said...

Argh, hurry up Autolux. I'm tired of waiting. Even though Turnstile Blues is one of my favorite songs and I can listen to it on repeat forever, I would really like to hear some new songs from them.

Joseph said...

Totally agreed. It's definitely past due!