Friday, April 11, 2008

Record Store Day

On April 19, record stores across the country will participate in Record Store Day, a celebration of record stores and their enduring importance to our culture. I spent my formative years in record stores, hanging out for hours on end even if I was broke, making lists, soaking up information, and hearing new music. In an era of store closures and Internet sales, it's good to know that record stores still endure. There's nothing like digging through the bins and coming across that rare disc you've been looking for for years, or being in the store and having an employee put a record on that you instantly fall in love with. I hope record stores never go away. I know some of us will always want that tactile music shopping experience.

Several exclusive releases are planned for Record Store Day including:

REM - Supernatural Superserious 7"
The Breeders - We're Gonna Rise 7"

I think I know where I'll be on April 19th!

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Kid Amnesiac 1979 said...

Damn! I will be up in Whistler B.C. that entire weekend. They better have record stores in Canada! :)