Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Indio, So Much To Answer For

The yearly sunburn otherwise known as Coachella is just two days away. How did it creep up on me so quickly? Why do I never feel prepared even when I've had tickets for months? Why does Prince get his name and his symbol on the poster?

I'm most excited to see Kraftwerk, Portishead, Prince, The Verve, The Breeders, Goldfrapp, 120 Days, Autolux, and Love and Rockets. There's a link below to my yearly Coachella schedule which will give you a good idea of where I'll be if you happen to be looking for me. It's far better than the Coachooser...and I beat them to the punch by a couple years with it. Enjoy!

I still think that the b- and c-tier bands are a bit grim, but on the whole, this lineup is probably better than other US festivals this year.

Joe's Coachella Schedule 2008 (Excel)

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jcf said...

Kraftwerk, Portishead, and Prince on back to back to back? Jealous. :( Like, insanely jealous.