Friday, April 4, 2008

Another Page In Your Diary

We finally have details of the forthcoming Yazoo (or Yaz, depending on which side of the pond you reside) box set In Your Room. Yazoo had a short career, releasing two perfect, eclectic pop albums in 12 months and disbanding before it had a chance to go south. The title of the documentary on the included DVD says it all: 2 albums, 4 singles and that was it. Indeed.

The tracklist is pretty pure: the albums are in the original UK running order, "Situation" is on the b-sides disc where it should be, and the dreadful '90s remixes are nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately, they missed the boat when it comes to extras. Yazoo recorded a John Peel session and a David Jensen session, half of which was released on the excellent Mute Audio Documents 1978-1984 box set last year. The other half remains unreleased. Also, the BBC recorded a concert at the Dominion Theatre in London on November 22, 1982 (three tracks ended up on Mute Audio Documents) which could have been put to good use here.

Disc 1 (CD): Upstairs at Eric’s (Remastered)
1. Don’t Go
2. Too Pieces
3. Bad Connection
4. I Before E Except After C
5. Midnight
6. In My Room
7. Only You
8. Goodbye ’70s
9. Tuesday
10. Winter Kills
11. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)

Disc 2 (CD): You And Me Both (Remastered)
1. Nobody’s Diary
2. Softly Over
3. Sweet Thing
4. Mr Blue
5. Good Times
6. Walk Away From Love
7. Ode To Boy
8. Unmarked
9. Anyone
10. Happy People
11. And On

Disc 3 (CD): B-Sides and Remixes
1. Situation
2. Situation (Extended Version)
3. Don’t Go (Re-mix)
4. Don’t Go (Re-re-mix)
5. Situation (US 12" Mix)
6. Situation (US 12" Dub)
7. The Other Side Of Love
8. The Other Side Of Love (12" Remix)
9. State Farm
10. Nobody’s Diary (Extended)
11. State Farm (Extended)
12. Situation (Re-recorded)

Disc 4 (DVD)
2 albums, 4 singles and that was it...
1. A short film featuring new interviews with Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet, and exclusive archive footage.

Promotional Videos
1. Don’t Go
2. The Other Side Of Love
3. Nobody’s Diary
4. Situation (1990)
5. Situation - Alternative Version (1990)
6. Only You (1999)

Yazoo At The BBC
1. Only You (Top Of The Pops) 29 Apr 1982
2. Only You (Cheggers Plays Pop) 24 May 1982
3. Don’t Go (Top Of The Pops) 15 Jul 1982
4. Don’t Go (Saturday Live) 24 Jul 1982
5. Don’t Go (Top Of The Pops) 12 Aug 1982
6. The Other Side Of Love (Top Of The Pops) 25 Nov 1982
7. The Other Side Of Love (Top Of The Pops) 09 Dec 1982
8. Nobody’s Diary (Top Of The Pops) 19 May 1983
9. Nobody’s Diary (Top Of The Pops) 02 Jun 1983

5:1 And Stereo Mixes
Upstairs At Eric's
You and Me Both

In Your Room is released in the UK on 5/26. A US date is still pending. Hear Yazoo live from the Dominion Theatre, London:

"Situation" and "Too Pieces"

"Goodbye Seventies" and "Winter Kills"

"Bad Connection" and "Midnight"

"Chinese Detectives" and "In My Room"

"Don't Go" and "The Other Side Of Love"

"Ode To Boy" and "Only You"

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