Monday, April 14, 2008

Squarewave To Heaven

Adam from my beloved Saloon (R.I.P.) has a new band. Well, he's had a new band for a while now and they're called Arthur and Martha. Their debut single has just been released by Happy Robots and is available in the following formats:

A. Autovia
B. Japanese Kiss

1. Autovia
2. Japanese Kiss
3. Squarewave To Heaven
4. Autovia 2

Arthur and Martha isn't far away from Saloon...if Saloon were less guitar-based and more electronic. Think of a mix 120 Days, Kraftwerk, OMD and New Order (without being a copy of any of them) and you might come close.

I would post the A-side, but I'm a B-sides guy and anyway, how could I resist "Japanese Kiss," a lovely song the press release describes as "the soundtrack to a messy break-up and inevitable argument over custody of the Pet Shop Boys CDs"?

UPDATE: I have removed the MP3 at the request of the band. The songs are streaming on their and page so please head on over and have a listen!

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