Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Why Why

Oh, stewards of the Joy Division legacy, what the hell have you done? Pitchfork reports that a limited edition Unknown Pleasures Zune is being made as a tie-in to the release of Grant Gee's Joy Division documentary.

Barf! Why is this necessary? And why would you choose an inferior, un-sexy product to align with? Let's face it, if this was an iPod, it would be hot. But it's a Zune! What are they thinking?

Is this better or worse than the Unknown Pleasures shoes? I'm not sure. Is nothing sacred?

"Every other band was on stage because they wanted to be rock stars; this lot got on stage because they had no fucking choice."

1 comment:

Kid Amnesiac 1979 said...

My sentiments exactly.

This just reeks of some suit & tie decision from the big "M" to try and make profit off the name Joy Division. It just fills me with disgust...