Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Looking Like A Beautiful Day

Wow, wow, wow. I know this is my second Elbow post in a row, but the video for "One Day Like This," the first US "single" (digital only, as far as I can tell) from The Seldom Seen Kid was released today and it's just wonderful. I love how they took something so mundane and made something so beautiful out of it. Obviously, the song's pretty damn gorge too.


jcf said...

Despite the lack of Guy in the video - *sigh* - that is wonderful.

Still not sure about the choice of 'One Day Like Today' for the first single in the US, but there you have it.

Joseph said...

I'm just impressed Universal is doing anything to promote them here in the states. Seems like "Grounds" would have made more sense being that it's, you know, "rocky" but what do I know?