Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Joy Division 'Best Of' Comp to Replace Old 'Best Of' Comp

Word on the street is that a new Joy Division 'best of' compilation is dropping on 3/24 (in the UK; a US release date is TBD). Presumably, this would replace the previous best of that came out in 1995. Can you just hear the record company execs? "But that was ages ago. We needed to freshen it up and make it more modern!"

As if Joy Division needed freshening up.

Need it be said that the songs on this compilation have previously been released several times over, just in a different running order? The 1998 Heart and Soul box pretty much compiled everything the band ever released.

But wait, there's more! If you buy this limited edition, you get an extra disc, the entirely of which has been previously available on The Complete BBC Recordings.

With such cynical treatment of the band's legacy, is it any wonder people don't bother buying CDs anymore?


Kid Amnesiac 1979 said...

With all the money I have spent on JD reissues this past year (and not to mention Control on DVD March 25th), I think I can pass on this one without any type of remorse or regret...

Anonymous said...

i would only download it if there's a CD 2 of remixes.