Friday, March 21, 2008

Mike Mills And Peter Buck Come Out

I love Michael Stipe. And I am happy to say that Accelerate isn't bad! More on that later, I'm sure. I just had to post this:


jcf said...

That is funny.

I'm trying to decide if "Accelerate" is going to be worth my time, having not cared much - if any - about anything the boys have done since "Monster". [The 'Imitation of Life' promo loaf of bread they sent out to radio stations was nice though...far better than the song it was promoting.] Even the single isn't helping me make up my mind.

Joseph said...

I am really liking this album. I definitely think it's worth checking out. I'd say it's better than anything since Up, if not before.

jcf said...'ve sold me. I shall 'Accelerate' myself comes Tuesday.