Monday, March 17, 2008

SPC ECO and Chatelaine

Good news for Curve fans. Dean and Toni both have new projects in the works. First up is Dean's new band with his daughter Rose Berlin on vocals. They're called SPC ECO and their debut 7" ("You're Alright"/"Another Day") was released in January on Club AC30. It sounds much like what you would expect from Dean: very dense and noisy but also beautiful. The single and several other tracks are streaming on the SPC ECO MySpace page.

Toni's new solo project is called Chatelaine. Not much news to report except that she's recording and that a release is scheduled for 2008. Two of the tracks are streaming on her MySpace page.


The Red Radio said...

Between the two of us - we are bringing 808 State back!

Anonymous said...

SPCECO.COM is online
the new album is "3-D"