Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When I Return To The World

Lorraine. It's not the first name I'd choose for a band. It sounds too much like your grandmother, and not enough like a BIG! POP! OUTFIT! from Norway. Maybe Lorraine means something else in Norwegian. Something less old-lady-like.

Anyway, I've been reading about this band for a while now, but I've never been pulled in. I always felt like their stuff was a bit blah, if I'm honest. That is, until I came across their video for new single "When I Return To The World":

Wonderful, no? Is it just me, or does it sound like a combination homage to "Beautiful World" by Devo and "Living On The Ceiling" by Blancmange? I don't say this in a bad way at all. I mean:

Devo - Beautiful World

Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling

That's a compliment! "When I Return To The World" was released last week on 7" and iTunes, apparently. Lorraine have a bunch of older tracks streaming on their MySpace page (including a half-decent cover of "Heaven" by the Psychedelic Furs). Like I said, it's mostly blah but this new single definitely piques my curiosity about what they'll be up to next!

As an aside, watching that Blancmange video for the first time in a decade or so reminded me that I really miss 80s "on location" videos. A lot.


jcf said...

Umm...that's fucking amazing. I hear "Porcupine"-era Echo and the Bunnymen [maybe it's the sitar strings, I dunno] remixed by a-ha myself. But maybe that's just me.

Another band to obsess over in 2008 - just what I need. ;)

Daft Monk said...

Even though I heard the remix first (a mistake with this tune) there was something very familiar about this song and I think you nailed the reference points exactly. Still, like you, I’m not totally sold on the band yet.

jcf said...

Just so you know, in case you don't, the 7" is available from their website for #2.99 shipped anywhere in the world. Just cost me $6.07 and it is on it's way. Hooray! :)