Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stormy Weather

Another show has been announced in Echo & The Bunnymen's 30th anniversary tour, during which they are playing their classic Ocean Rain in its entirety. With an orchestra. I just can't imagine.

Dates in London and Liverpool had been previously announced but the latest is on our side of the pond, at Radio City Music Hall on October 1. Sadly, this does not overlap with my scheduled trip to NY in June. Bloody hell.

There are rumours that they'll add an LA date, but I'll refrain from getting excited until I have some proof. It's nice that the Bunnymen have even scheduled a US date, though. Recent "we're playing an entire classic album" tours by Gary Numan, OMD, the Human League, and Simple Minds have been UK/EU only.


jcf said...

OH MY GOD. I HAVE to be at that. Wednesday is not the most convenient day of the week, but who cares. "Ocean Rain". With a fucking orchestra. *swoon*

The Red Radio said...

I'd like an damn OMD show here in LA. Never gonna happen - sigh.