Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't Know Any Better

The story of Manchester's Puressence is one of hard luck, label bullshit, and always living in the shadows of bigger, more popular, more mediocre bands. They soldier on, though, and released their fantastic fourth record Don't Forget To Remember late last year. It is well worth your time. The latest single is "Don't Know Any Better" and it will be released 5/19 in the UK. Here's what you're in for:

1. Don't Know Any Better
2. Bright Eyes (Pete Mitchell Radio 2 Session)
3. Sold Unseen (Pete Mitchell Radio 2 Session)

Autographed 7"
1. Don't Know Any Better
2. You've Already Said Goodbye

1. Don't Know Any Better - Directed & filmed by Paul Banks
2. Moonbeam video taken from Manchester Academy footage including Kevin & Jimmy interview
3. Exclusive live & studio recording footage
4. Special guest star appearances interviewing the band & telling the Puressence story

Watch the "Don't Forget To Remember" video:

1 comment:

jcf said...

Remember how everyone and their mother used to put out DVD singles? Hardly anyone does anymore - so yay to Puressence for keeping them alive.

Though I must admit, I've never been big into Puressence...I do quite like the song 'Sharpen Up The Knives', however.