Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nobody's Diary

So much has been going on with the return of Yaz that I've fallen a bit behind. Here's a little catch-up:

A 12" single of "Nobody's Diary" will be released in the UK on 5/12 in advance of the forthcoming box set, In Your Room. A digital single will also be released the same day but those of us in the US won't be able to download it due to territory restrictions. Mute Bank is offering a bundle with an exclusive download...which I would be excited about if I could actually order it.

The tracklists look like this:

A1. Nobody's Diary (Andy Bell & JC Remix)
A2. Nobody's Diary (Original Remaster)
B1. Nobody's Diary (Koishii & Hush Remix)

Digital Downloads
1. Nobody's Diary (Original Remaster) listen
2. Nobody's Diary (Andy Bell & JC Remix) listen
3. Nobody's Diary (Koishii & Hush Remix) listen
4. Nobody's Diary (GRN's 12" Remix) listen
5. Nobody's Diary (Soil In The Synth Remix) [exclusive to Mute Bank]

Remixes have also been done for Bad Connection, Situation, and Winter Kills:

Winter Kills (Electronic Periodic's Sub/Piano Mix) listen
Bad Connection (Subway Collective Broadband Remix) listen
Situation (Hercules & Love Affair Mix) listen

I wish that Hercules & Love Affair had tackled a different song. It's not even so much that I never need to hear another version of "Situation" again (though that is certainly true) but that I think they would have really been suited to one of the more obscure, quieter tracks. Having said that, I'm really pleased with all of these remixes. They seem to retain the original atmosphere and spirit of the songs and stay away from making them too clubby (let's face it, those 1999 house remixes by Club 69, Richard 'Humpty' Vission, et al were awful). I hope these get released in some form. The remix of "Winter Kills" in particular is a stunner.

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