Thursday, May 8, 2008

Review: 120 Days

120 Days, one of my favorite discoveries of last year, followed up their appearance at Coachella with a promotional event at the Viper Room last night. And this being a promotional event in LA - for Scion, no less - things were bound to get douchey. More on that in a minute.

Franki Chan of Iheartcomix opened the evening with a DJ set. I pretty much enjoyed the music he was spinning, though he did get a bit too fussy with the not so great effect. Just play good records, dude, and you won't need to embellish them with every trick on your mixer. One thing became clear rather quickly: the crowd wasn't into him, and probably wasn't there for the music at all.

120 Days came next and played a short five song set of all new material. Some people at the front of the crowd were clearly there to see the band but the majority seemed oblivious to the fact that a band was on stage and continued their conversations. Lead singer Ådne Meisfjord tried to engage the crowd and seemed a bit frustrated when that didn't work. Utter disinterest can't be a good feeling. I enjoyed their set of atmospheric, spaced-out dance music and am really looking forward to new material. The latest report is that they're recording, so hopefully something is coming soon.

Radioclit apparently closed the night but we left before they came on. It was 12:00 already, we were tired, and the crowd wasn't helping matters. Just before 120 Days left the stage, Ådne said, "We've been 120 Days, and you've been Los Angeles." Based on the crowd, one can only assume he meant it in the worst possible way.

Listen to a great new instrumental track that 120 Days recently posted on MySpace: 120 Days - Instrumental

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