Friday, December 5, 2008

(More) Years Of Refusal

You might remember a post from way back in May where I mentioned the upcoming Morrissey record Years Of Refusal. It was to have been released in September but was pushed back at the request of the label and now has a UK release date of February 16, 2009.

The cover looks to my eyes like a possible homage to Whipped Cream & Other Delights. Don't know what the baby is all about, but I think I'd prefer whipped cream.

A US tour is scheduled to begin near the release, which is odd considering that (at last report) he is without a US record deal after having sacked Universal earlier this year due to poor promotion of his latest greatest hits compilation. One assumes that will be cleared up in time for the tour. No point promoting an album fans can't buy...right?

Anyway, recent live staple "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" will be the first single, released February 9th and featuring b-sides "Because Of My Poor Education" and "Shame Is The Name" (the latter with backing vocals by Chrissie Hynde). Details on formats are forthcoming.

BMG's reissue of Southpaw Grammar is set to be released the week after Years Of Refusal. As previously mentioned, it will be remastered and feature three unreleased tracks from the recording sessions as well as new cover art (the typography of which is vaguely ChangesOneBowie-like, no?). The tracklisting has been re-sequenced, which is interesting. I wonder if he's trying to set an often misunderstood album in a new context.

It has also been reported that Universal will reissue a remastered and redesigned Maladjusted at the same time though details of bonus tracks (if there are any) and cover art have yet to be announced.

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