Friday, December 5, 2008

4AD 2008 Sampler

The folks over at 4AD have offered up a sampler of stuff they've released in 2008 and for the small price of your e-mail address you can download them all for free.

Remember the days when a 4AD sampler might be bound in a hard cover book, or come in a limited edition wooden box? Oh modern record company climate, what have you done? I should stop complaining and just be glad 4AD even exists anymore and is still putting out great records.

Gripes aside, there's some tasty stuff to be had from The Breeders, Stereolab, Deerhunter, and TV On The Radio among others so check it out!


jcf said...

Similarly, remember old 4AD catalogues? Completely impossible to shop from but such a wonderful piece of art. I've got some lying around somewhere...I should dig em out and give them a once through.

Oh, 4AD, one of a dying breed that's for sure.

Joseph said...

You know, I've seen the catalogs but I've never actually owned one. I went through a phase of trying to buy them on eBay but they were selling for more than I could stomach. :)