Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Cabinet Of Curiosities

Dave being a whore, as usualA Jane's Addiction box set is apparently in the works and slated to come out on 10/28. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any details other than the title A Cabinet Of Curiosities. The set had a little mention in a recent ad for Marshall but whether or not the set will come packaged in a wooden apothecary box as pictured is anybody's guess (my guess is no, though that would be exceedingly cool).

I'm trying not to get my hopes up about the contents of this box but maybe the powers that be will actually deliver. What could be on it? To be sure, their complete studio recordings as I know them would fit on about three discs (two if Warners doesn't bother to license any of the band's output for Capitol, which would be fine with me). Who knows if there are any suitable outtakes or unreleased tracks? I suppose it's a possibility. There's always live stuff, and maybe they can manage to include a full show instead of those Frankenstein one-song-from-here-one-song-from-there live albums that I'm not fond of. Perhaps a DVD of all of their videos? A DVD of a full live show? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

"Three Days" live in Milan, 1990. A-maz-ing:


jcf said...

Not to be like this, but the rarities they unearthed for "Kettle Whistle" weren't exactly stellar.

Though an honest to goodness full live show from, say, the first Lollapalooza would interest me greatly.

Probably best not to get hopes too high I'd imagine, though I'd love to be proven wrong.

Joseph said...

Oh, I completely agree. Kettle Whistle was almost useless, plus it didn't know what it wa. Live stuff, rarities, demos/ kinda had no direction.

I think a full show from 90 or 91 would be phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

Your wishes will all come true ;-)
I am working on this and although I can't give out any more info, I can tell you your wishes will come true

DoubleR (UK) said...

It would be great if the set included a DVD of their 3 VHS releases, namely 'Gift', 'Soul Kiss' and 'Three Days', which are relatively unavailable. I think that might clinch it, personally.

Added to that a world tour to promote and remind everyone who vital a band they were in their time, playing and recreating the hysteria that accompanied the Ritual tour back in the early 90's.

That would certainly add to their 'Godlike Genius' NME US Award.

Are there any acts that can compare, nowadays?

And if Anonymmous (above) isn' the great PF himself, then I'm an alien ;~)