Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue

I somehow missed the fact that there is a new Fujiya & Miyagi record coming out, in spite of the fact that I spend countless hours a week reading music news and am "friends" with the band on MySpace and Facebook. So much for staying informed!

Ventriloquizzing, the band's fourth album, is due out on January 25, 2011 via Yep Roc in the US and on January 17, 2011 via Full Time Hobby in the UK.

Based on preview track "Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue," the band sounds a bit sinister and, well, weird this time around. It's a good weird...I think. I couldn't really get into their last record so I'm curious to hear the full length. The tracklisting of the album follows below:

1. Ventriloquizzing
2. Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue
3. Cat Got Your Tongue
4. Taiwanese Boots
5. Yoyo
6. Pills
7. OK
8. Minestrone
9. Spilt Milk
10. Tinsel & Glitter
11. Universe

"Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue" is available for free from the band's SoundCloud.

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