Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ways To An End

I wake from my long slumber to bring you a single which has me more excited than any other new release I've heard this year. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: Mirrors. "Ways To An End" is the Brighton, UK band's first single on venerable old dance label Skint.

I first heard the b-side "Broken By Silence" at a bar Sunday night and was sufficiently smitten enough to run to the DJ booth to find out what it was. After downloading the single today I was happy to find that the a-side is even better.

If I had to describe the single I'd say it's like a modern meeting of "Beautiful World" by Devo and "Doctor! Doctor!" by Thompson Twins. Which is to say that it's a) rather synthy and b) immediately reminiscent of things you remember from 27 years ago, in a very good way.

"Ways To An End" was released last month on 7-inch vinyl and is also available for download at eMusic, Amazon, iTunes, etc. You can get a free demo of "Organ Song" by signing up to their mailing list here. A full-length album is expected in February.

How many references can you spot in the video?

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