Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Fünf, Sechs, Sieben, Acht!

Shocker! Kraftwerk's The Catalogue is finally being released on October 6 via Astralwerks (October 5 in the UK via Mute)!

Those who have been following the saga know that the albums Autobahn, Radio-Activity, Trans-Europe Express, The Man-Machine, Computer World, Techno Pop, The Mix, and Tour de France were remastered earlier in the decade but were never released. The word on the street is that the band was unhappy with the result and undertook an entirely new remastering job. Hope they sound good!

On to the details: The box set features eight CDs housed in mini-vinyl card wallet sleeves along with a booklet for each album. The albums will also be released individually on CD, vinyl, and as digital downloads. Due to licensing restrictions, only five of the albums will be available in the US outside of the box set. A German language version is slated for release October 2.

The cover art for each album been reworked to some degree which irks a purist like me, but I will admit they do look a bit like a cohesive set now. Word is there will be additional artwork but loads of bonus tracks aren't likely as the band doesn't have much unreleased material.

Watch a short promo video for the set:


jcf said...

I CANNOT wait for this. I might have to get the vinyl box as I'm sure it's going to be a total music-fetish object and just lovely.

Joseph said...

I'm sure it'll be a nice piece. I just can't justify the spend right now. :(