Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dreaming Of Dreaming

I was really into Secret Machines around the time of their first album. A friend tipped me to the band before Now Here Is Nowhere while they were streaming it on their site for what seemed like months before the proper release. I ended up seeing them live three or four times in support of that album and I was a big fan.

I have to admit, I got a bit burned out though. The problem might have been that I saw them live so many times in support of their debut that I got a bit bored (hello, Interpol) but also, I thought their second album, Ten Silver Drops, was boring. At least initially. It wasn't until months later when I took a chance on a used copy of the album that I realized it was just as good as the first.

Album #3 (self-titled) is about to hit shelves on 10/14, self-released through World's Fair. Another band leaves the majors to go the indie route. I like it. There has been a line-up change (brother Benjamin left to work on his other band, which sounds pretty interesting) but based on just-released non-album track "Dreaming Of Dreaming" the sound hasn't changed all that much. And that's a good thing. I really like the new song and am looking forward to the record.

Download: The Secret Machines - Dreaming Of Dreaming

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jcf said...

I too was quite in to the first Secret Machines album - 'Nowhere Again' is certainly one of the most underrated singles of the decade, and the opener 'First Wave Intact' is fucking EPIC - and I too got burned out. [Though certainly not from seeing them too many times! ;)]

Equally, I found "Ten Silver Drops" quite dull and stopped paying attention after that. The new song sounds quite good, though, so perhaps it's time for a proper Secret Machines re-evaluation.