Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Should've Been Nice To Me

You may remember some talk around these parts about the upcoming reissue of Morrissey's Southpaw Grammar. Guitarist Boz Boorer has confirmed that two of the bonus tracks on the reissue will be "Honey You Know Where To Find Me" and "You Should've Been Nice To Me" which means that two of the three bonus tracks are bona fide previously unreleased tracks. Not sure what the third one is yet, but this Wiki entry suggests it will be "Laughing Anne," another unreleased song from the same period.

I recently listened to the album for the first time in years and found myself really enjoying it so I'm looking forward to having more from that period. The reissue was supposedly coming out in July but I can't find a release date for it and the month is nearly out so we'll just have to wait and see!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Midnight Madness

Five years after the release of Singles 93-03, The Chemical Brothers are set to release a best-of package called Brotherhood on 9/2. The album will be preceded by a digital single of the new track "Midnight Madness" on 8/19 and will include another new track called "Keep My Composure."

I'm not sure about the necessity of another Chems compilation after two studio albums (this one shares eight tracks with Singles 93-03, though many appear here in their single edit form) but one must assume that the real draw will be the bonus disc "Electronic Battle Weapons," ten tracks which have previously only been available on limited promotional vinyl. At least they're giving you an actual bonus for buying these songs again.

Disc 1
01. Galvanize
02. Hey Boy Hey Girl
03. Block Rockin' Beats
04. Do It Again
05. Believe
06. Star Guitar
07. Let Forever Be
08. Leave Home
09. Keep My Composure
10. Saturate
11. Out Of Control
12. Midnight Madness
13. The Golden Path
14. Setting Sun
15. Chemical Beats

Disc 2
Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10


The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 10

Life's What You Make It

Talk Talk's 1986 appearance at Sweden's famed Montreux Jazz Festival will make its DVD debut on 10/13 (UK). No word on whether this is coming out in the states or not (I'll cross my fingers) or what elese - if anything - will be on the DVD. No matter, I'll just be thrilled to finally have a Talk Talk concerrt DVD. According to EIL, the tracklist looks like this:

1. Talk Talk
2. Dum Dum Girl
3. Call In The Night Boy
4. Tomorrow Started
5. My Foolish Friend
6. Life's What You Make It
7. Does Caroline Know
8. It's You
9. Living In Another World
10. Give It Up
11. It's My Life
12. I Don't Believe In You
13. Such A Shame
14. Renee

Unfortunately it appears as if the concert has been edited for the DVD. Based on setlists I've seen, "Mirror man" and "Chameleon Day" are missing. We'll just have to see what's on the finished product.

Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It:

A Cabinet Of Curiosities

Dave being a whore, as usualA Jane's Addiction box set is apparently in the works and slated to come out on 10/28. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any details other than the title A Cabinet Of Curiosities. The set had a little mention in a recent ad for Marshall but whether or not the set will come packaged in a wooden apothecary box as pictured is anybody's guess (my guess is no, though that would be exceedingly cool).

I'm trying not to get my hopes up about the contents of this box but maybe the powers that be will actually deliver. What could be on it? To be sure, their complete studio recordings as I know them would fit on about three discs (two if Warners doesn't bother to license any of the band's output for Capitol, which would be fine with me). Who knows if there are any suitable outtakes or unreleased tracks? I suppose it's a possibility. There's always live stuff, and maybe they can manage to include a full show instead of those Frankenstein one-song-from-here-one-song-from-there live albums that I'm not fond of. Perhaps a DVD of all of their videos? A DVD of a full live show? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

"Three Days" live in Milan, 1990. A-maz-ing: